I Pledge Allegiance Exhibit Description and Images


I am inspired to complete I Pledge Allegiance as a response to the current difficulties our country is facing. The respect and empathy many of us feel as necessary to reunite our country, seems forgotten and lost in the shadows of highly divisive words and behaviors. My exhibit will feature 18 oil pastel and graphite art pieces that represent various themes of division, unity, and feelings of empathy and support for others. Collage works made from prints of my original pieces will be included to further emphasize unity. Historical facts and statements will be part of this collection to enhance the message of this exhibit.

I thank the Puffin Foundation for their grant support.

The following images show the completed pieces at this time.  Dimensions of each art piece are 22 inchesX31 inches.

Patient, Doctor….and Profit

Knee for Justice

This Land is My Land

Our Backs, Your Table

                                                                     Bull Run Grippe

God Given Right

Equal Together

 Strength in Unity

Tug of War   

Enmeshed Unity

 We Served Together

Man at the Door

The Heart of Education

For You, My Child