I Pledge Allegiance future 2020 exhibit

Knee for Justice                                        The Take a Knee movement inspired this exhibit.  It pushed me to question how a black man’s peaceful posture of being on one knee during the national anthem to highlight police brutality towards black men could be considered disrespectful and unpatriotic.  Yet, a white man on a horse with a gun and American flag, riding through a small Oregon town to take over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is considered a citizen’s right and patriotic.
Our Backs, Your Table                                                    This piece is an acknowledgement of the hard-working migrant individuals who provide cheap labor without protections to deliver food to our tables.
Bull Run Grippe                                                                   This piece reflects the direction our government has taken as our public servants are bought by lobbyists of powerful companies or driven by greed.
God Given Right                                        The daily deaths of our citizens due to gun violence is staggering, shameful and adds a heavy weight of grief on the loved ones left behind, those who survive and all who observe and listen through news reports.  The National Rifle Association initially stood for improved marksmanship, responsible gun ownership, and access for recreation and hunting. “God Given Right”, was a response I heard during an interview of someone who believes strongly in the Second Amendment without exception.
Equal Together                                                                   Young men of all backgrounds and ethnicity stand together to hold up our flag in respect and honor.  Equal Together speaks to young men who build bonds between one another rather than division.
Strength in Unity                                                              This picture represents women bonded together to challenge the misogyny, inequality and power some men and institutions continue to exercise against them.  Strength in Unity honors women coming together, striving for justice in all levels of society.
Tug of War                                                  Tug of War is a depiction of frustration as our national leaders play games for the purposes of power and ideology.
Enmeshed Unity                                                I believe stress in our communities is high as shared common humanity is divided by the enabling and empowerment of racism and ignorance.  Enmeshed Unity features two men, one of color the other white, with their backs to one another entangled in the American flag.
We Served Together
We Served Together                               The veteran is to be respected and honored. We Served Together represents the wounded soldier in grief, honoring the loss of another.  The loss of one leg represents the physical wounds and is meant to address the emotional and mental wounds as well.  He sits alone to pause from his rehabilitation services.