Collage Work

My original idea for the collage work in this exhibit was to complete ten collages. Each piece would be completed with prints from two art pieces which reflect differing beliefs or ideas about patriotism. This was meant to represent unity. After implementing my first collage, I realize that many of my pieces actually need to be united with either Bull Run Grippe or Tug of War.

At this time, I am making collage samples.  Each sample is made with prints that are 6.5″X8.5″. The color variation between the sample collages and the original prints is due to differences in digital imaging. The final collages will have the same colors as the originals.

This first sample is a collage combining pieces from Strength in Unity and Equal Together.

The next sample is a combination of Bull Run Grippe and Our Backs, Your Table.

Two collage samples of Heart of Education and Bull Run Grippe:

I will continue to make sample collages with a variety of prints of different dimensions. The collages completed for the exhibit will be a variety of sizes.