Collage Work

Cease Fire

Cease Fire is a combination of God Given Right and Our Turn.

God Given Right



Our Turn






Cease Fire 56″X36″

This collage shows the gun right’s advocate in the center, holding the flag and pointing down towards his broken gun wrapped within the flag. He is surrounded by youth who strive for gun control. They support him by holding the flag with him as he separates from the gun. The distant woman at the shooting range looks on towards the crowd of youth.

Detail of Cease Fire:


Listen combines Mixed Message, Enmeshed Unity and Knee for Justice.

Mixed Message
Enmeshed Unity
Knee for Justice







Listen 50″X42″

Listen reminds the viewer of past and present racism and the need for change. The Black and White man face each other over the third who reminds us to strive for change. The hands are brought together in a message of unity. The police officers’ uniforms form the fencing of the past.

Detail of Listen:

Circle Time

Circle Time is the combination of Bull Run Grippe and Heart of Education.  

Heart of Education



Bull Run Grippe
Circle Time 40″X42″

Circle Time invites those who are responsible for our government policies to join in with our students and teachers to help schools thrive. This piece shows those in high levels of power sharing a playful moment during circle time, remembering their youth, and seeing the need for educational support.

Detail of Circle Time:


Hands of God

Hands of God is the combination of Blurring the Line, Our Backs, Your Table and Man at the Door.  

Blurring the Line
Our Backs, Your Table
Man at the Door










Hands of God 48″X38″

This collage represents the need to look upon people in need with compassion. The hands supporting the old man are from those who seek to change policy and systems to assist those in need. The migrant woman looks on while others look to the fields of labor and the Supreme Court.

Detail of Hands of God:


I combined prints from the following four oil pastel/graphite pieces to complete Tapestry:

Strength in Unity
Equal Together
Finger Play











Tapestry 56″X42″

Each face, from the four prints combined, has been divided in four quadrants to represent variety and shared humanity. The hands are within the flag to represent care for one another and work towards a common cause.

Detail of Tapestry:





Feel the Wind

Feel the Wind is a combination of Cherish and This Land is My Land.

This Land is My Land








Feel the Wind 42″X56″

This collage is meant to show the struggles of individual land rights and the preservation and protection of our environment. Shown in this collage, are the environmentalist and rancher facing each other, surrounded together by the wind of nature. Together they hold the flag as it becomes one with the wind.

Detail of Feel the Wind:

All collages are completed on Strathmore Mixed Media Vellum surface white paper. I have two more final collages to complete for this exhibit.