I am originally from the Seattle area. After college I began my physical therapy career in Minneapolis, then I moved to Portland Oregon in 1987.

As a young girl, I was supported in art and frequently reminded how this carried on family tradition. I pursued art throughout my school years and graduated high school showing promise in art. Entering college, I chose the more practical route of physical therapy believing this career would not only support me but also my creative desires.

Education in physical therapy not only provided me with a rewarding career in pediatrics but also gave me another eye to view the world. The close study of human anatomy, the courses in movement and the connection with individuals facing disability opened my eyes to new layers of human complexity. I continued art studies while pursuing my physical therapy degree, completing a minor in art. I had opportunities to complete figurative work of patients and apply my anatomic knowledge during figure drawing classes. I enjoy drawing the human body in both realistic and abstract forms. I emphasize hands and feet in my figurative work, as these aspects of the human body are expressive and remind me of our commonalities.

Life expanded for me when I married and became a parent. When I returned to consistent art studies, my work became thematic, allowing me to process the profound experience of raising a child who would transition from son to daughter. My exploration of gender identity, masculinity and femininity in figurative work and writing, lead to my exhibit; An Iris Stands Tall; a mother’s journey, a daughter’s transition.  In 2017, I was inspired to complete my most recent exhibit, I Pledge Allegiance. This was completed in August of 2020.






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