Contour to Collage


I decided to do a simple contour drawing of one of my photos. I completed this with a continuous line while I kept my eyes on the image. The features are distorted but have some characteristics of my friend’s expression.



I continued to work back into this picture with value contrast defining the features further. The features are now viewed as even more distorted.


Although I like my drawing in technique, I was dissatisfied with how the eyes, nose, mouth and chin became even more distorted. At this point I felt like setting it aside but decided to cut it into strips to prepare for a collage.



I started the collage by weaving the strips together. I tried to keep the face obvious within the collage.


Completing the collage gave me an opportunity to work in a different format with a picture I was not pleased with. In my mind, it is not quite what I intended but I think has interest and is something worth considering for future work.  This finished collage is 8X10″.

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