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After two major projects working with oil pastels, I decided to move forward with my drawing skills. I am drawing from still life which I set up in my art studio. At this time I’m working in graphite in smaller format.

Update on I Pledge Allegiance:

The Puffin Foundation continues to host a virtual exhibit through their website called, Election 2020.  This exhibit features election themed pieces on a rolling basis. The art pieces, Equal Together and Strength in Unity, have been selected for this exhibit.

The Election, 2020

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. provides grants to artists and art organizations often times supporting emerging artists. I received grant support from the Puffin Foundation for An Iris Stands Tall and I Pledge Allegiance.

You can learn more about the Puffin Foundation and view the exhibit at

The Littman and White Gallery at Portland State University has placed my exhibit on their website for a longer period of time. You can view this at:

The process of placing videos back on to my website is more complicated than I anticipated so this remains delayed.

You can read about what inspired me to complete I Pledge Allegiance and view all the pieces for this exhibit individually.  Refer to my Artist’s Statement page for further explanation as well as my page called Notes from the Artist which shares my explanations for each individual piece.  My Collage Work page shows each collage with an individual statement for each. I re-posted my audio statement of my artistic process placed on the page which shows each collage with their corresponding pieces. You can view this and hear my audio at,  Collages Grouped with Corresponding Pieces

Thanks  for your interest in my exhibit.



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