Election 2020, Puffin Cultural Forum’s Virtual Exhibit

(January 13:  This evening I made an error with my website causing several deletions of images.  I was able to correct all, however was unable to replace my audio and videos on the  I Pledge Allegiance page. I’ll be working on correcting this over the next week. )


The Puffin Foundation is hosting a virtual exhibit through their website called, Election 2020.  This exhibit features election themed pieces on a rolling basis.  The art pieces, Our Turn, Equal Together and Strength in Unity, have been selected for this exhibit.

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. provides grants to artists and art organizations often times supporting emerging artists. I received grant support from the Puffin Foundation for An Iris Stands Tall and I Pledge Allegiance.

You can learn more about the Puffin Foundation and view the exhibit at


The Littman and White Gallery at Portland State University has placed my exhibit now on their website. You can view this at:  littmanandwhite.com

You can read about what inspired me to complete I Pledge Allegiance and view all the pieces for this exhibit individually or in video format by scrolling through the pages.  Thanks for your interest in my exhibit.

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