Latest update…..

This week I heard from the curator of the Littman Gallery at Portland State University. My exhibit is still on for September 2020.  It will be rescheduled if closures continue due to the pandemic.

This weekend I added a new page called; I Pledge Allegiance: Exhibit Format. This page  is meant to show how my exhibit will flow with historical quotes along side each picture.  At this time, I have 16 pictures posted. The last 5 continue to dry and hopefully will be scanned by the end of the week so that I can include these.

I updated my Description of exhibit with images page with a slideshow of my present work for the exhibit.

I continue to add to the page, Notes from the Artist, as I add new images.  Refer to that page to understand more fully what inspired me to complete each piece.

As always, thanks for your interest in this future exhibit.

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