Annette’s Update

Last week I met with the curator, Mui Easland, at Littman Gallery about my exhibit coming up in September.  I shared my collage samples with her and we discussed how the final collages will be exhibited.  She suggested these be suspended from the ceiling a few inches away from the wall.  This method of display will help support my theme of the exhibit with emphasis on unity.  The original oil pastels, which the collages are based from, will be hung against the wall, framed without glass cover.  Next week I’ll meet with the Publicity Coordinator, Katharine Piwonka.  I feel well supported and guided by the staff at Littman Gallery, and am so pleased that I was invited to exhibit my art within their space.

I posted two new collage samples.  I have four oil pastel works in progress and just finished two.  These have not been posted yet but will soon.

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