My Update

My grant proposal was denied from Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) for this round.  I spoke to the Director of Grants who gave me excellent feedback on my proposal.  She pointed out, diplomatically, how I need to share a personal perspective and an account of who I am and why I feel driven to create this exhibit. Also, some of the proposed pieces of my exhibit were viewed as confusing and not easily understood.  I have always taken a more objective approach with my art, believing that the art itself would tell my thoughts, feelings and some insight into my history. Why is a written explanation necessary? I came to understand the importance of narrative with my previous exhibit.  I now understand the importance for this exhibit.  I will complete a new artist statement and post it on my website by November.  I plan to re-submit for RACC funding.  I hope for their support, however, the process of submitting grant applications helps to build a stronger exhibit even if I’m not awarded funding.

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